Countries, Languages, Fonts, Organisations, People

  • Countries in Asia
  • Languages in Asia
  • Fonts in Asia
  • Organisations working in OSS (mainly Asia).
  • People working in OSS (mainly Asia).


  • Open source conferences (mainly Asia).

Open Source Introduction

  • Advantages of OSS – compared with proprietary software.
  • Problems faced by OSS – why OSS is not everywhere.
  • Legal issues and OSS – how to stay legal.
  • Major OSS packagesHot! – links to key software.
  • Open source replacements for proprietary softwareHot!
  • Common OSS licenses – the many licenses that OSS can be licensed under.
  • Open standards – what are they?


  • Open source software that has been localized.
  • Localization resources and links.

Policy and Open Source

  • Ideas for OSS policy – helping you form policy.
  • OSS policy in the news – policy shifts in the news.
  • Surveys on open source – sample current situation.
  • Open source for developing countries

Open Source in Particular Industries / Applications

  • Open source in education
  • Open source in natural language translation and processing.
  • Open source in distributed computing.
  • Open source in bioinformatics
  • Open source in healthcare
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